• Founded in 2016, HEALinc is a “Future Health” products and services innovation platform and “fast track” test bed for cutting-edge, health-accelerating solutions in cellular therapy, regenerative medicine and personal health in a trusted, sovereign, data-driven environment and ecosystem.


    HEALinc is a movement-based organization with a mandate of championing a future health paradigm where medical therapy is driven by personal health and regenerative medicine.


    HEALinc solutions incorporate ongoing real-world data capture, predictive analytics, and education via distributed technology architectures that empower individuals to take control of their well-being to achieve optimal health through and/or prior to illness.


    Our unique Future Health Summits bring together experts, researchers, influencers and change-makers of stem cell, regenerative medicine, and personal health to engage in global cross-disciplinary action, causing directed evolution in the categories of digital health, ethics & standards, health reimbursement, methodology & design, and regenerative health.