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    Dr. Desiree Cox, MD, PhD

    CEO, Founder of HEALinc & HEALinc Future Health Summit

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    Everything in healthcare is moving faster and smarter —
    except in the Caribbean and Caribbean diaspora communities.

    The Caribbean Region and Latin America have one of the highest prevalences
    of chronic, non-communicable disease (cNCDs).
    Innovators in Caribbean diaspora communities who are motivated to
    solve this grand challenge often do not have access to the communities they want to serve.

    We want to help entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders from local, regional and
    diaspora communities access the resources they need in order to
    improve the health and well-being of people in the Caribbean and the Americas

    Art, Dancing, Film, Music, Storytelling!
    Can these pursuits really support personal health, as well as have a
    positive impact on one's career, relationships, and lifestyle?

    Dr. Desiree Cox talks about how she came to discover that
    what we now call “creative arts” are actually “healing arts”,
    and that the arts and creativity can help re-wire your brain
    and tap into your innate creative intelligence and cognitive gifts.