• Regenerative Health Fest
    Pre-Summit Day

    October 2, 2019, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar, Nassau, The Bahamas

    Are you a healthcare professional, biotech entrepreneur or investor interested in the stem cell and life sciences space?
    Are you a personal wellness coach? Are you an executive interested in optimizing your performance?

    TEDMed-style talks by leading international experts on hot-topics in stem cell, regenerative medicine and
    personal health like:

    • Stem Cell Therapy for Longevity and Vitality: What do we know? What’s the science? What’s on the horizon?
    • Gene Editing and CRISPR Technology: Science Fiction in real life.
    • Could Stem Cells be the next frontier for improving mental health?
    • Nutrition? Nutrigenomics? The Microbiome? Why a Healthy Gut Could Change Your Life, and Why a Sick Stomach Might Kill You
    • Could Fast-Track test bed for Real-World Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicines and Devices in The Bahamas be the Next Frontier for Global Access to safe and effective Next-paradigm Medicines?
    • What are the opportunities for young and experienced creatives and disrupters in Blockchain, AI, VR/AV?
    • Learn from patients about how Wearables, AV/VR tech and Stem cCells are helping them to thrive

  • Connect with our STREAMTEAM at the ReGen Health Fest

     Science, Technology, Regeneration, Engineering, Art, and Math

    Our STREAMTEAM gives kids and young people from our ‘Bridging-to-the Future’
    an in-depth look at the STEM science behind stem cell research and
    regenerative medicine and more.

  • Capital Raise & Product Launch

    Investors are invited to learn about a select group of

    promising Life Sciences investment opportunities.


  • Public Lecture

    • Evening Celebrity Keynote Public Lecture.