• HEALinc

    Future Health Innovation Summit

    Steering Committee

  • 2019 Steering Committee

    Dr. Desiree Cox, MD, PhD

    Chair of 2019

    Future Health Innovation Summit

    Mark Benerofe

    Lou CasaBianca

    Dr. Oliver Chikumbo, PhD

    Dr. Steven Davis, MD

    Paul Lehr

    Sarah Maxwell

    Dr. Mark Penn,
    MD, PhD, FACC

  • Chair, DR. DESIREE COX, MD, PhD​
    Founder/CEO, HEALinc

    Dr. DESIREE COX, MD, PHD is a Rhodes Scholar, medical doctor, creative artist and internationally respected thought-leader in future health and regenerative medicine. She is the founder and CEO of The HEALinc Future Health Innovation Summit (www.healincfuturehealthsummit.com) and The HEALinc (www.thehealinc.com), and is a Singularity University Social Impact Fellow. Educated at McGill University (Canada), Oxford University (U.K.) and Cambridge University (U.K.), Dr. Cox was one of 5 recipients of the 2019 International Advocacy Action Award at the World Stem Cell Summit in Miami, Florida.


    She was also a presenter at the 2018 Vatican 'Unite to Cure' Conference. Dr. Cox is a thought-leader in future-health innovation with 20+ years in the healthcare space and an impressive, rare and unique range of skills and capacities gained from a career that has spanned clinical medicine, academia, research and development, regulatory sciences, and the design, development and implementation of high–impact health and social enterprises. In October 2017, she was honored by Oxford University as one of six alumni to have their portrait hung in the Great Hall at Pembroke College, Oxford University.


    As an innovator, her career in the U.K., Europe, North America, The Bahamas, and Latin America has spanned clinical medicine, academia, research and development, regulatory sciences, and the design, development, and implementation of high–impact health and social enterprises. Since 2014, she has been spearheading the development of the stem cell and regenerative industry and future health innovation in the region. Her experience in healthcare consulting includes consulting for biotech companies and major pharmaceutical companies, including Amgen, GSK and Novartis, on pipeline therapeutic products and medical devices. At the 40th Independence Celebrations in 2013, the Bahamas Government honored Dr. Cox by issuing a 70-cent stamp into circulation bearing her photograph.


    Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for BBLS

    Mr. Benerofe serves as Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for BBLS, which manages a portfolio of companies focused on regenerative medicine, cancer therapeutics, and health & wellness. A highly sought-after executive and consultant, Mr. Benerofe has experience in high tech, media, and biotech. He served as Executive Producer of TEDMED2012 in its inaugural move to the Kennedy Center.

    Mr. Benerofe was one of the 6 founders of Priceline and has served in senior executive roles at Sony, Microsoft, Prodigy and CNN. He has also been a founder and advisor to numerous startups, including Cleveland HeartLab, Boxbe, Canines Inc., Sony Online Entertainment and Match.com. He initiated the partnership between Microsoft and NBC that formed the MSNBC network. From 2004 to 2007, Mr. Benerofe served as Chairperson for the players on the board of the Women’s Tennis Association, leading the effort to secure equal prize money at Wimbledon and the French Open, along with the first revenue-sharing agreement in professional tennis.

    CEO New Paradigm World

    Writer, producer, social impact entrepreneur Lou CasaBianca is the CEO of New Paradigm World, publishers’ of BiTØPIA™ + CareFørces™ + CRØ™ + Resilient Cities™ + STREAMTEAM™ + Virtual World Builders e-magazines, video, websites, and live events.

    • Lou has over 30-years of experience developing, producing and publishing books, courses, events, films, television, video games, virtual worlds and web content, launching cable and video networks, creating transmedia properties, architecting industry initiatives, and providing brand strategy consulting. He studied broadcast journalism at the University of California, Berkeley.
    • Author or editor of six books, he is the founder of New Media Magazine - producer of Britannica award-winning interactive game content; author of The NewTV, the first book on HDTV.
    • Consultant/Producer/Speaker/Writer for ABC, Apple, Disney, DoD, HBO, IBM, Oracle, Sony, and the US Navy. A CERT First Responder, he is also a featured subject matter expert speaker on future technology, new media, emerging technologies, and emergency preparedness industry standards.
    • New Paradigm World's editorial supports social impact entrepreneurs and developers with news and trends in the leading emerging technologies, including cryptocurrency + distributed apps + machine language-based deep learning.
    • His primary professional focus is on the application of next-generation ai + avatars + blockchain + machine learning + spatial computing, and XR transmedia publishing for serious games, global social impact causes, climate change projects, and personal wellness.
    • Reporting tracks trends in training and best practices for chief resilient officers, governmental policymakers, urban resilience, first responder, seal level-rise solutionaries, and planetary regeneration professionals.
    • Original publications are integrated and interoperate with cloud-based knowledgebase resources and directories for accreditation, certification, community networking, employment, events, and online support solutions.


    Chief Data Scientist at Living PlanIT AG ​

    Dr. OLIVER CHIKUMBO, PhD is a Chief Data Scientist at Living PlanIT AG in areas spanning system identification, optimal control theory, evolutionary multi-objective optimization, exploratory data analyses, virtual reality visualization for hyperspaces, multi-criterion decision-making, and high-performance computing. Application areas have currently been focused on “wicked problems” that define a science area, which amalgamates the traditional disciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific activities with social complexity. He has 23 years of research experience and academic qualifications in resource & environmental management and systems engineering from the Australian National University.


    Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer and Director of StemBioSys, Inc.,​

    DR. STEVEN A. DAVIS, MD is Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer and Director of StemBioSys, Inc. a privately held cell and culture platform technology company based in San Antonio, Texas. He is on the Board of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, a trustee of the San Antonio Medical Foundation and adjunct professor at UT Health San Antonio.


    A practicing dermatologist, Dr. Davis has been the principal investigator for 180 clinical trials at the Dermatology Clinical Research Center of San Antonio. He has published widely in both the professional and lay press, and has aired a syndicated daily radio feature, “Speaking of Health,” on the CBS Radio network for 34 years. Dr. Davis has a BA in economics from Yale University, an MD from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School and completed his residency at the University of California San Francisco Medical School.


    Longeveron General Counsel & International Executive Director

    Paul Lehr, JD leads Longeveron’s international efforts and other programs. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Brown University and his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida College of Law, graduating with honors and earning the highest score in the state of Florida on the Bar Exam. Lehr served as a law clerk for a United States Federal Judge and practiced law with a focus on healthcare and business at a leading law firm for 5 years. Thereafter, Lehr focused his efforts in the cardiac rehabilitation field as President of a non-profit research foundation that published 110+ articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.


    With this research serving as the foundation of the for-profit arm of the cardiac rehabilitation program, Lehr negotiated a master franchise agreement with a leading Indian healthcare operator with 100+ facilities across India and the Middle East, and drafted legislative language that was incorporated into the 2008 Medicare Bill. He then helped lead negotiations with Congress and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to successfully secure reimbursement – for the first time in the country – of a residential intensive cardiac rehabilitation program.


    Lehr also co-founded and serves as CEO of HeartGenomics, a biotech firm based on intellectual property Lehr licensed from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, which focuses on research and commercialization of diagnostic and prognostic tests for heart failure. A musician since an early age, Lehr also leads GroundUP Music, a record label with 20 global artists, produces the annual GroundUP Music Festival, and sits on several arts-related boards.


    Solutionarium, Executive Producer and Solutions Box, Executive Director

    • Creates and executes comprehensive marketing & sales plans on a global scale.

    • Specializes in business development (with proficiency in sharing economics, emerging technologies that enhance a “whole-listic” business ecosystem, ICO, blockchain, earth-first initiatives, green-tech, biotech and all things solutions-based.
    * Strategic Partnerships to Drive Additional Revenue Streams

    • Has high-level database of executive-level contacts in media, ad-tech, and lifestyle sectors.
    * Savvy with social media and digital marketing platforms, such as PPC, RTB, ADWords, SEO, Facebook Marketplace, Content Marketing, Design, and UX
    • Experience in public relationships (TV, journalism, bloggers, trade publications) in the UK, NYC, SF, LA, Miami, etc.

    • Team Leadership and Talent Sourcing

    • A brand curator (tone, proposals, blogging, vlogging, etc.)


    CEO of Black Beret Life Sciences​

    DR. MARC PENN MD, PhD, FACC is the CEO of Black Beret Life Sciences, LLC (Houston, Texas), where he oversees the life science investments of the Bosarge Family Office and leads the executive teams of numerous companies, including Tissue Genesis, LLC (Honolulu, Hawaii), Advanced Regen Medical Technologies, LLC (Newark, New Jersey), the novel sugar replacement, Sola®(Houston, Texas), and the Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine (Freeport, Bahamas). At Okyanos, he also serves as the director of Research and Strategy, working to advance stem cell therapeutics. He serves on the board of directors of Frantz Viral Therapeutics (Cleveland, Ohio) and Affigen (St. Louis, Missouri), and is an advisor to Diasome (Cleveland, Ohio).


    Dr. Penn is a practicing cardiologist and director of research at the Summa Health Heart and Vascular Institute (Akron, Ohio), as well as director of the institute’s Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship. He is also a professor of medicine and integrative medical sciences at Northeast Ohio Medical University, where he leads the Skirball Laboratory for Cardiovascular Cellular Therapeutics (Rootstown, Ohio). From 2000–2011, Dr. Penn was a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as the director of the Coronary Intensive Care Unit, director of the Experimental Animal Laboratory, director of the Bakken Heart-Brain Institute and the founding director of the Center for Cardiovascular Cell Therapy. Dr. Penn is the Principal Investigator of the Athersys MultiStem®in AMI Phase I and II trials in Cleveland, Ohio. He has generated intellectual property in the fields of diagnostics, biologics, and devices that has been licensed by numerous companies. In 2006, he was named Innovator of the Year at the Cleveland Clinic. He is the co-founder and CMO of Cleveland HeartLab, which was acquired in 2017 by Quest Diagnostics.


    Dr. Penn completed his undergraduate and postgraduate work at Case Western Reserve University, earning a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering in 1989 and a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1994. He performed his internal medicine training at University Hospitals of Cleveland and his cardiovascular medicine fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. He is board–certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular medicine. From 2008–2010, Dr. Penn served as the senior medical director for Emerging Businesses at Cleveland Clinic.


    Dr. Penn’s research has led to several innovations in the field of cardiovascular medicine, including discoveries in diagnostics and drug delivery systems for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. He has developed strategies to optimize gene and stem cell therapy for regeneration of myocardial tissue, as well as neuromodulation of cardiac function. Dr. Penn is the author and/or co-author of hundreds of articles and abstracts on a wide range of scientific and medical topics. He is an active inventor and internationally-recognized expert in translating basic science research to clinical populations.